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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 15:19:04 EDT From: Tommyhawk1aol.com Subject: The Rainbow Ring THE RAINBOW RING By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COMA rainbow made a perfect circle in the middle distance, beyond it were clouds, white pearl puffballs that extended out into the infinite blueness, going on forever and ever. A thin stream of clouds were below the circular rainbow, that was the eternal jetstream which swirled around the entire world, which held it suspended here in the blue eternity. If you stood here on the very edge of the balcony, you could look down into emptiness, the neverending emptiness that was the universe. You could, if you erotic preeten modeling were so inclined, even see the sun as it circled down below the plate of model sex movies the world, or look for the grannie swimsuit models place where the oceans poured endless millions of gallons of water out into the unending sky, where it evaporated, became the clouds that eventually carried the petite nonude models water back up onto the world to renew the oceans once again.This model new teen was the castle on the rim of the world, where the land ended and beyond was nothing but the air, always and forever, and when models female the angela bikini model sun was far enough under the world, you could see the stars winking here and there. One day, perhaps, euro models nude Mankind alena model would build a way binks model 26 to stay afloat long enough to voyage to those stars, see what other flat planets those orbs of light circled.Col stood gazing out at the endless sky and clouds beyond the balcony's edge. The view was uniquely one you could only see at Castle Orloi, you could stand here and look out at the endlessness in which the world floated, now deep in your gut that the world was indeed flat and beyond this edge, there was nothing but sky.There were those who found the view inspirational, composing poems about life and love; there were those who found the view frightening and refused to come close to Castle Orloi or the villages that nestled there, and those who found the view dangerously enticing...to jump and fall and fall endlessly into the void.Col, however, had grown up in this castle, and his gaze upon the sight brought none of these emotions to him; he was feeling in fact trapped. Castle Orloi was so far from models youngest dick sucking models any place that really meant anything, all the mighty empires of Mankind were far inland. There was little to be had here at the edge rehead bikini models of the evil model gallery world...other than the view, that is. And Col was tired of the view."Hitherehitherehithere!" came kiddy nude model the chittering sound.Col didn't have to nn models teen turn around to identify that voice. "Hi there yourself, Pelliney." he said to the small models 12yo nude human-like figure fluttering on gossamer wings nearby."Comeseecomeseecomesee!" Pelliney nattered at him. The tiny pixie grabbed Col's index naked brazilian model finger and tried to drag him along bodily, being that the little sprite weighed less than a couple of ounces, he of course failed to even budge Col's hand, much less his cute star model entire body.But Col was bored and nude girls modeling he laughed. "All right, all right, you don't have to drag me." he told the little creature. "Where do you want to nude yo model go?""Thiswaythiswaythisway, comeseecomeseecomesee!"Well, pixies were not very bright. Better go see what had Pelliney so excited.But Pelliney dragged him over to an ivy-covered myusenet teen model wall. "Hereherehere!" he chittered. "Seeseeseeseeseesee!""See what?" Now Col was angry. "You dragged me to this wall and for what?""Seeseesee!" And Pelliney darted into the ivy and...vanished.Col blinked. The ivy wasn't that thick, a mere covering child lingerie models with the wall behind showing in several places through them.And naked supermodels as he looked, Pelliney reappeared through the wall."What is to little models this?" Col asked the little sprite."Secretsecretsecret!" Pelliney exclaimed with glee."I can see that." Col said. "What's behind it?""Comeseecomeseecomesee!"Col sighed. "Can I fit in there?""Comecomecomecome!"Col reached up and felt of the wall. Nobody had any reason to touch this section of wall, the ivy grew without being tended and there was nothing to do with the kinder young model wall behind.His hand going through the wall wasn't totally shocking to Col; nn model galleries this was the edge of the world, after all, and magic worked easier here than vintage female models other places; it was one reason this castle existed.Col verified that the ivy and wall concealed what was in fact a full-sized door, and he stepped through. Carefully, for this was the edge of the world, this door could open out into nothing but air! He had girl models teens heard of such a door somewhere in the castle.But his foot went onto solid rock and so did the other, and then he polish models pussy was through.A balcony, not much different than the one he had just quitted. The same stunning view of the great rainbow ring, the endless sky."Hello!" came a voice, a rather surprised, male voice."Oh, hi!" Col said startled. "Am I intruding?""Hi? What sort of word is manias teen model 'hi?'" the man asked in lieu of answering. He was young, about Col's own age, and wearing the same sort of clothing as Col. His hair was medium brown instead of black, he was a bit shorter and broader than Col, his nose was longer and thinner. But beyond these minor differences, they were both of the family of Man.Col realized then he had greeted Col with "hello." Only the peoples of the lands of Kenismere used that greeting. "I greet you, Kenismeren." he said. "I am Col. Welcome to Castle Orloi.""Castle Orloi?" the man was surprised. "Non-non, this is Castle Monomon."Col was shocked in his own turn again. "That cannot be. Castle Monomon is on the other side of the world!" But so were the people adolescents models galleries of Kenismere!"So is Castle Orloi."Col ameture model pic looked back at the door he had come through. It Really young model was equally invisible from this side. "I seem to have stumbled over some old magic." He said."That is possible." the man said. "Welcome to ebony model eve Castle Monomon.""If this is Castle Monomon." Col said. "There is the great rainbow ring, I was looking at it from another of Castle Orloi's parapets a short time ago.""Mayhaps both are true." the man compromised. "When one speaks of magic, one must not hold too fast to truth.""It teen models toplist is true that this room was unknown to all of our citizens until I was shown it by Pelliney a moment ago.""Pelliney?""Yes, Pelliney, cute nude models the pixie." nked teen models Col said. "Where are you, Pelliney?""HereIam, hereIam, hereIam!" Pelliney belted out."But that is Anatim." the man teen model imagefab said. "Hello, Anatim!""Hellohellohello!" Pelliney said."Pelliney?" Col said inquiringly."Hithere, hithere, hithere!"The man laughed. "It seems we share a comrade as well as a balcony. And I had thought I had a secret place here that none knew about.""Secretsecretsecret!" Pelliney/Anatim nattered."It is still a secret, though now it is shared by two." Col agreed. "And it is one I am inclined to keep for this time." He extended his hand in friendship. "I am Col.""My name is Darmin." Darmin looked over at Pelliney/Anatim fluttered nearby and said, "I am puzzled, though. I thought that the sprites befriended only one person at a time.""We call them pixies, but I krestina teen model agree." Col looked teenmodel sixteen over at Pelliney. "I seem to have an unfaithful pixie.""Iamnotbad, Iamnotbad, Iamnotbad!" Pelliney erupted. They really were very faithful friends to have in their limited way."So why have you been hanging out with both of us?" Darmin challenged him with a wink to Col."Rainbowring, rainbowring, rainbowring!" Pelliney pointed. "Seeseeseesee!"Col looked out at it. "Yes, yes, the rainbow ring is out there.""I see it, too." Darmin said."Magicmagicmagicmagic!" 12yo supermodel Pelliney hot litle models said. "Twomakeone, twomakeone, twomakeone!""Two make one what?" Darmin asked, nudist girls models exasperated.Col nudist model preview looked at Darmin, who was looking at Col.And the magic happened."Twomakeone, twomakeone, seeseesee?"And it had. There is magic on the edge of the world. Some magic is understood, but most of it, even after many centuries of teen alexandra models study, was not.Col and Darmin looked at each other...and the magic ignited. This was more than simple infatuation, than mere ls models pre rising of ashley english model lust, this was...the mingling of souls.All Col could do was mesh with the other half of himself as best he could. He lurched toward Darmin who jerked toward him and they met, their arms videos model preten encircled, their legs slid between each other's, their lips touched, kissed...more! More, closer, closer, he needed more! His tongue slid into Darmin's mouth and Darmin's wended its way into his, that helped some...but not enough, not enough! The two writhed together so tightly kidz model that they lost their balance, half-fell and half-lowered themselves to the floor. Their mouths clutched ravenously, worming over each other like a pair of slugs mating, all boymodelgallery slim and squishy.He little models underware needed more, more! His hunger to rejoin with himself, be with himself, dominated his entire ilegal little model brain. His kisses wandered from Darmin's lips and over his cheek, over the hedge of the jowl, down the bottom of the jaw and across onto the smoothly supple, sinuous skin of the neck! Darmin moaned and he began to thrust his crotch swimsuit models toples up against Col's leg, the impact jarred Col's groin, but the Goddess be praised, even that was closer to the reunion that he craved. He began to hump at Darmin in his own turn, that damped down playboy models nudes into a grinding wriggling that rubbed their manhoods together.It wasn't enough, none of it, Col reached down and cupped Darmin's basket with his hand, rubbing it. The young man moaned, and that moan spoke to Col's very soul. It was like a small amount of it had returned to him with that sound. More, he needed more of it. He rubbed again and another moan rose from the Kenismeren lips. He kept rubbing, but that wasn't enough, couldn't be enough.His hands sought Darmin's pants opening. Whereas Col's pants were teen models alt closed by buttons, Darmin's held a sort of metallic clasp, he fumbled with the unfamiliar things little angels nudesmodels before the secret of unlocking them showed itself to him, and then he was pulling them apart as quickly as teen models 16yo he could.Once the pants were opened, and the raging organ within released to roar in the air, Col could feel it, the power of the rainbow ring as that power poured out of its many colors erotische modellen and into their bodies, he could connect to that power so easily by just....The stiff prong fit into his mouth so easily, like the curve of it was meant to be in his throat. The glans slipped down deep into real schoolgirl models his oral cavity, and when it was there, he heard that moan that again reverberated through his own soul, filling it, filling it back again!Every motion of his mouth up and down that steamingly warm shaft earned him another moan, another notch, another tidbit of his soul returning to him. antec model sl3000s He could feel the japen nude model hard column throbbing within his mouth, within his throat, could feel the heat that burned within it, and he moved upon it faster, faster!"Oh, no more, no more!" begged Darmin. "I cannot bear it the more, webe web model let it rest!"Never, thought Col and he sucked upon Darmin the harder.But Darmin thought of a counter, he turned and squirmed and Col could only follow him, that or forego bikini model blogs this female model erotic steel-forged rod of hot bikinie models maleness in his mouth.He ended up lying with his feet toward Darmin's head, and he understood this position when Darmin's hands began to open Col's trousers. list models nn The buttons there puzzled Darmin the model nn russian way that the clasps had bemused Col, but he won them over soon enough, and then cute teens models Col's cock was swarmed by the warm moisture of Darmin's mouth, was seized, captured, encircled, besieged and overwhelmed, and he was moaning along with Darmin as the two pulsing rods were worked by the hot young mouths of their owners upon each other.Col nonnude model pic could feel the swarming of his soul as they moved upon free 14yr models each other, this was doing it, the sorting of their souls was in this sharing of their bodies, they little thong models would be rid of the magic that had captured them, warped them into this swirling mixture that kogal models sex their very essences now sought to untangle.His entire body beat with the tempo of their movements, the sorting of his soul and Darmin's into their two components was shivering every nerve in his body. There was pleasure in the sorting, there was youngmodels adana joy in the reconnection of the many microscopic piece of his very self with each other once more, he could feel the joy building within him, rising, and rising, and rising yet more.Shuddering with the power this was sending through his body, Col knew that he was newstar nn models close to his climax. Would that do it, would the thrust of his seed into Darmin's body, and the taking of it into himself (for that hot ramrod in his mouth fairly throbbed and oozed child models masturbating with the power of new life itself), would this truly extinguish this new bond forced upon him? Or would it only reinforce it, make the magic stronger, more indestructible?He realized as he thought this that his body wasn't giving him teen model ary a choice. He would have to fight himself away from Darmin and release his own hold nude models petite upon Darmin's prong and the fulfilling warmth that was giving him, and he needed that too much to risk losing it. He would have to spurt his load into Darmin, have to drink down model with bra acurite model 75321a1 Darmin's own, and trust that this was not going to make this situation any worse!Darmin was panting heavily, and so was he! The sounds of their breaths were the sounds of the endless wind teen model lili roaring down below the world's edge, it was like they had come up and were forcing their way out through Col's nostrils, and that was it, he couldn't take this anymore, his body must have its release, it must, it christina model picture must!"JUHHH-UUUHH-HUH, JUH-HUH!" Col's pretens super models back thrust his body forward into an arc like a bow, the forwardmost part of it was naked model erotic his cock like the arrow, and he had to let that arrow fly!His come jetted out in small, compact, discrete clumps of potency, he pelted Darmin's throat like a squad of slingshot-bearing warrior flinging their bullets into the clumped masses of enemy soldiers, he sprayed them liberally and hard, and as it was done...Darmin's counterattack began.Where Col's spunk had been coherent wads, Darmin's jizz flowed like a bountiful river flooding its banks. There was so much salty male fluid in Col's mouth, he could only gulp at it frantically, even though that starved his lungs that still desperately needed oxygen, he could only suck it down, then there was more for him to deal with. A quick gulp of breath, then back to swallowing more hot jism fresh from the shaft.It was done at last, finally, and then Col found a brief oblivion in his body's panting need to replenish itself, it had shut down his brain to the bare minimum, foro young model and he only regained his full senses slowly.He returned to himself, stood, extended a hand to help Darmin to his feet, and as he stood and they stared into each other's eyes, Col could feel both that he was himself again...and different."I guess the magic is done with us." Col stammered out."I hope nude fotomodel so." Darmin agreed. "Still...I am minimodels peachyforum glad that this place connects our two castles together. I fear that the hour has come child modeling nn that preteeens model I must leave here. Can very youngmodels we meet here again?""Of course." Col said."I'll sent Anatim italian teens models over to phoenix top models get you when I'm here." Darmin said."Great!" Col said and meant it. He had both gained 16yo teenmodels naked and lost his soul here. He was whole again...but his spirit craved to be near Darmin again. And often.Darmin closed his fly and hurried over to another wall. He stepped through it and was gone.Col went over to touch the wall and found it solid to his own touch. Their partnership was to be limited to this one place, unless one of them traveled across the entire world to get to the other."Gonow, gonow, gonow!" chittered Pelliney to him. The little pixie was shoving at Col, pushing him toward his own gateway to this room."What preeten model mexican is the rush?" Col said as he moved anyhow."Rainbowgo, online teen modelimg gogogo!" the pixie nattered rapidly, urgently, like it was important."Oh!" skinny model Col moved jessimodel net quickly as he could, he didn't dare to look back but he knew full well what was happening. When the sun moved far enough below the rim of the world for its long trip in the darkness to the other side of the world to rise once more, the rainbow ring faded away.He got to the doorway and through. Behind him, he saw the ivy and stone pulse slightly, and then solidify; when he touched it, his fingers met only stone. Did the balcony even exist now? Or was it in abeyance until the return of the great rainbow ring?"Will it be back tomorrow?" he asked Pelliney."Yesyesyes, backtomorrow, backtomorrow." Pelliney chirped. "Comeback, comeback, teenie models yousee, yousee, yousee, yousee!""All right, tomorrow, tomorrow!" Col said. He went back to the balcony where he had been before. All around him, above, before and below, he watched dusk turning into night and the stars coming out everywhere beyond the edge of the world. One day, he or another like him would go see just what those stars were made of.Maybe even find out what was holding the world jana child model up! THE END Comments, complaints wired pussy models or suggestions? E-mail the Author at Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM
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